What Should I Put in the Bottom of a Gecko Tank?

So if you have a gecko at your home and you are finding it hard to find out what you should keep at the bottom, don’t worry. A lot of owners have wondered what should be held at the bottom of the gecko tanks because geckos are fixated, and they are usually stubborn in nature. It becomes hard for everyone to find a good thing or a subbed which is kept at the bottom of the fish tank. Newly built tanks are hard to scope through because it contains a lot of materials which your gecko won’t like. You can eventually use best substrate for leopard gecko to make sure that the bottom of the tank is completely sealed so that your gecko can have a good time. It will help your gecko to be comfortable as well.

What to keep in mind before picking a good subbed for your gecko tank?

What Should I Put in the Bottom of a Gecko Tank?

  1. Safety is the primary key

When you are choosing a good subbed for your leopard gecko, then you need to select a proper safety source as well. For example, you can use sand, which can be useful for your gecko, and it can be kept safe. Most of the owners use slate or ceramic tiles on the gecko tank and this is the number one mistake that they does over time. If you have a gecko and you are using tiles at the bottom of the basin, then you need to stop right now. These are not sand lizards because they are entirely different from your regular lizards. Use something which can bring them moisture because that is the main thing which they like in general. So if you are using something which is wet in nature, then your gecko will ultimately like it over time.

  1. The cleanliness of the subbed

So another thing which you have to keep in mind is the cleanliness of the subbed. If the subbed is not clean, then your gecko will never stay there. The main reason why you need to keep it very clean. Supposedly if you are choosing slate or tiles over the others, then you have to keep them clean as well. If there are spots that are fixated onto the pipes then it becomes hard for you to keep your gecko in one place. This is the very reason why you need to have a clean and kept environment so that your gecko can completely love it. Make sure that you are cleaning the surface with the help of paper towels every now and then. If you replace the paper towels when they get dirty, then you need to make sure that the new ones are entirely spotless.

  1. The coziness of the bed

Another thing which counts here is the coziness of the subbed. It implies that if you want to keep your gecko to yourself and you want to keep them happy, then make sure that the bed is really cozy and warm enough for them. Please give them the feeling that they are entirely safe in the area where they are staying. For this, you have to know one thing. Geckos are shy in nature, and the one reason why they like a clean and cozy place is that it can keep them warm and make them feel safe. Your gecko will never be and feel safe with you if you don’t have a friendly and cozy subbed at the bottom of the tank. While these tanks are not going to be shown in the beauty awards, you need to choose something which is fantastic.

Types of subbed to put below the tank

What Should I Put in the Bottom of a Gecko Tank?

  1. Sand

Most of the time, sand is the only subbed which you can use for your gecko tanks. They form a warm and cozy feeling for your gecko so that they can soothe in and mix with the setting and have a comfortable keep around them. Sand is something that you can even get from the beach for the tank. Make sure that the sand is not too course or else it won’t be the right solution for your gecko. Keep the sand warm and cozy so that your gecko can have some good fun while you keep them in.

  1. Pebbles and rocks

Does your gecko-like have a rough environment? If yes, then you can use this fantastic thing for and keep at the bottom of the bed. You can keep your gecko to the ground with some use of pebbles and rocks that you want. Make sure that you fill the entire tank with all the rocks and stones that you have. Especially your gecko will like it right if you have kept different colors of pebbles as their sub. Most of the time, since they are so shy, they can continue to their joy and have fun while they play with the pebbles which are held in.

  1. Normal tiles

Most of the time, this can be the last resort to some people. Choosing tiles over the others can keep your gecko safe, but as said, you have to make sure that the pipes are completely normal, and they are kept spotless. If there are spots on your tiles, then your gecko might leave it, and eventually, you don’t want that to happen. So you can keep all the tiles, but you have to make sure that the pipes are kept beautiful, and you can have a pleasant surrounding with them. Your gecko will have a good time while they are scoping in for the said.

Choose only the best

What Should I Put in the Bottom of a Gecko Tank?

So while you have selected the right bedding to be kept in a gecko tank, you need to make sure that you are only choosing the one which your gecko likes. Remember that it is their home and you need to dress it according to how they like. If you want something, try it out and then put the rest.