What Do You Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

What Do You Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

The chinchilla is a tiny rodent and they found in the arid and rocky areas in the mountains. The chinchillas are well known for their extremely bushy, soft and comfy fur. In this wild, this fur safeguards them from the essentials and it builds them slightly inclined to hotness. This should be considered while deciding where to locate your chinchilla in a home. However, the cool box as well as a silent area of your house is the right place to locate the best chinchilla cages for your pet.

Where to put a cage?

What Do You Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

The chinchilla cage must be place in a noiseless area of the house, where the human activities will not disturb them during the day time. The summertime temperatures should be monitored to ensure that the ambient temperature is not higher than 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have air cooler, then you can simply place a thin pan of ice bars in a cage and it support to increase the cool temperature. So, you should place the chinchilla cages on the stand or table, where this would support to make the chinchilla feel safe. Thus, the chinchillas can be humiliated, if you should spare over a cage to cooperate with them.

Water bottles

The glass water bottles are an ideal thing; because the chinchilla cannot even chew via them. If you use plastic, you should cover it or make a fence to it with wire mesh must minimize the threat of damage. If a food bowl is used, it must be a bulk ceramic bowl to minimize tipping and also it should be cleaned every day.


What Do You Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

The toys can be offered as well that are made up of wood blocks and tree branches. These are the best chew toys for chinchillas. However, it is essential to offer toys that do not have tiny or plastic components, which can be consumed. Typically, the chinchilla block can be offered for chewing and this will highly support in keeping the teeth sleek.



The wheels can offer amazing exercise, so you might discover that unless a chinchilla is announced to a hint at a properly young age, but it might not take to run on a wheel. Even some people also discover the use of running discs such as a flying saucer a great choice for chinchillas. The threats of hotness create the use of plastic run on balls detrimental. Also, your chinchilla will much more rather run about in a safe chinchilla proofed room.

Lists of must-have for all chinchilla cages

What Do You Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

Today, many people know that the chinchillas require sufficient food and water. In order to keep them happy and healthy, you want to meet their day-to-day basic needs. In fact, the space is a most valuable thing of chinchilla cages in a list. They often like to jump and climb around and needs enough space. Below are the lists of must-have things for all chinchilla cages that include:

Food and hay

The food and hay for chinchilla is pretty essential. The chinchillas often require a special form of food that is available at the entire pet shops and also a plenty of places on the internet.


For making a bedding to your chinchilla, your options are newspaper and wood shavings as well. But, you must stay away from cedar and pine shavings. However, the willow and apple woods are a most recommended choice for your chinchilla. The chemicals present in cedar and pine make them good for absorbing smell, but awful for your small chin’s lungs.

Dust bath

The chinchillas love dust bath very much, but you do not allow them overdo it. You just keep the dust bath in chinchilla cages as lengthy as there is a way to cover it up, so they cannot even obtain it. You want to regulate how much they utilize it and also discover the good ways to simply keep it out of a cage. Also, you should place a dust bath, when it is the time to use it.


What Do You Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

Your chinchillas can have access to the water at all times. So, you can go with a dish or a bottle. Make sure a bottle will require being on outside of a cage with the nozzle via a side of the cage, so it does not obtain chewed on. You can also ensure that the disc must be metal or ceramic.

A way to remain fit

The chinchillas usually love jumping, climbing and running as well. The jumping and climbing must be taken care of with a design of the cage. But one thing to avoid is spokes. If you are obtaining a wheel, you can ensure the sides are sturdy. The chinchilla’s favourite has been a flying saucer, which is a place to play with no hazardous spokes.

A place to hide

Whether it is a small wooden house or a larger cage, your chin requires somewhere that they can obtain some alone time. But make sure it is safe to chew on.

Keep fun things to chew on

The fun things can be anything as long as it is fully safe. However, the ledges and wooden platforms are most favourite choice of things for your chins. Chewing on these objects will keep your chinchillas’ teeth very strong as well as healthy and also support to avoid the dental issues like malocclusion.


What Do You Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

Furthermore, the chinchillas need a unique level of caring than compared to any other pets. Also, they can become a most wonderful pet for a right individual, but not everybody have this pet. So, you must always find the best chinchilla cages to make this chinchilla comfortable. In general, these chinchillas are loved by many pet owners due to their different features. If you need to consider obtaining a pair of chinchillas, you can simply discover the most efficient ways to make them feel pleasure and comfortable, so that your chinchillas can live healthier and longer as well.