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What Should I Put in the Bottom of a Gecko Tank?

So if you have a gecko at your home and you are finding it hard to find out what you should keep at the bottom, don’t worry. A lot of owners have wondered what should be held at the bottom of the gecko tanks because geckos are fixated, and they are usually stubborn in nature.… Read More »

What Do You Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

The chinchilla is a tiny rodent and they found in the arid and rocky areas in the mountains. The chinchillas are well known for their extremely bushy, soft and comfy fur. In this wild, this fur safeguards them from the essentials and it builds them slightly inclined to hotness. This should be considered while deciding… Read More »

Leash Training Your Puppy

Training Your Puppy to Walk on a Leash Many people are surprised when they first get their puppy and it doesn’t respond well to walking on a leash – but it’s important to remember that being on a leash isn’t a natural situation for a dog! The good news is that teaching your puppy to… Read More »

Training Your Puppy to Sit

Sit is one of the most important commands that you can teach your puppy, as you can use the command in a multitude of different situations to control your puppy’s behavior. When your puppy learns how to sit, they will be learning how to give you their full attention, which means that you can use… Read More »

Stop Your Puppy from Jumping On People

As soon as you take your new puppy home you should start getting involved in puppy training. And it needed be a chore as so many people are led to believe, in fact the most basic puppy training just involves teaching your puppy good habits. A good example of using good habits to training you… Read More »

Remote Dog Training Collars – The Top 5

Are you tired of your dog jumping up on every guest that enters your home? Does your dog think that it’s perfectly acceptable to lunge at strangers in the park? If you are dealing with a misbehaving dog, remote training collars might be the answer! So, which type of remote dog training collars should you… Read More »

Housebreaking Your Puppy

Housebreaking (Crate Training) Your Puppy One of the most basic lessons that you need to teach your puppy is the correct place to go to the toilet. Crate training is one of the most effective methods of housebreaking your puppy, as long as it’s done properly. Here is a step by step guide to effectively… Read More »